Continuing Your Volleyball Education

After completing your high school and junior volleyball careers, the natural progression is to play college volleyball. There are about 2,000 two- and four-year schools that offer intercollegiate volleyball, and many of those same schools sponsor a club team and/or intramural leagues. Whether you’re trying to sharpen your skills among the best players in the nation – and in some cases, the world – or continuing a healthy, fun activity with friends, there’s a spot for you in college volleyball.

High-level college ball can even be a motivating factor for many players, and it’s true that some players have some or all of their college tuition covered by athletic scholarships. Just some, though; less than six percent of high school volleyball players will play at the collegiate level, and 1.2% play in Division I. A spot on a college roster is highly contested, and USA Volleyball wants to properly arm its members with the skills and knowledge necessary to claim one of these spots.

Did You Know?

Every single member of a U.S. Olympic Volleyball Team since 2012 played NCAA Division I volleyball.

The Path Forward

Collegiate volleyball is also a critical part of the pipeline toward international volleyball. The current U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams is comprised solely of current or former collegiate players, and USA Volleyball sponsors Collegiate National Teams to help top college athletes compete against some of the best international competition in the age group. Even in the beach game, collegiate student-athletes have the chance to experience the sport on an international level before moving onto professional volleyball.

College volleyball could be one of many steps on your Path to the Podium, and USA Volleyball is proud to help young athletes sharpen their skills, face stiff competition and experience international volleyball.

Levels of Play

“Like many other players, college was my first time exploring life on my own and I learned A LOT of important things about myself on and off the court that contributed to the person and player that I am proud to be.”

Rachael Adams

U.S. Women's National Team; Texas '12

Things to Consider

Starting the Recruiting Process?

Recruiting Tips From the Collegiate National Team

Members of the 2020 Women’s Collegiate National Team provide tips for volleyball players who are beginning the recruiting process.

More Tips from the WCNT

More Options

Play Collegiate Club

The National Collegiate Volleyball Federation (NCVF) sponsors a national championship for collegiate club teams, now in its third decade. More than 400 men’s and women’s teams compete in the championships every April. The club teams have tryouts and generally train two or three times per week. They compete regionally against other club teams prior to ending the season at nationals. If you do not have a club at a college, start one!

Play Collegiate Intramurals

Volleyball is the most popular fall intramural sport on every college campus. Both coed and single gender competition at various levels exist. It’s a great way to start a new school year, representing your dorm, making new friends and improving your skills. Winter and spring leagues also exist, and in some warmer climes, beach or grass competition is programmed during the warmer months.