Hey parents! Did you know that your 17-year-old could benefit in more than one way from taking SafeSport training?

First, SafeSport training can give your athlete valuable, real-world training to help them be more “aware,” both on and off the court.

Second, SafeSport training is mandatory for 18-year-old athletes.

While SafeSport training is not mandatory until athletes turn 18, it is highly recommended that 17-year-old athletes, take the course so they are ready to go when they turn 18.
The thing is your 17-year-old needs you to give written permission to take the training. If you don’t, by law, the training cannot be taken. This is critical because if an athlete has not yet taken the course when they turn 18, they will have to stop all volleyball participation until training has been completed, even if they’re in the middle of a tournament.

So, what is this “SafeSport training?” The U.S. Center for SafeSport Core training is important information for adults (or soon-to-be adults) to be aware of when participating in USA Volleyball (or any other sport) activities. The training covers a wide range of topics, including, emotional and physical conduct, sexual misconduct, bullying and hazing. The training provides different situations and issues that athletes are more likely to see and/or experience as they continue in the world of volleyball. Taking such training will prepare them for how to handle themselves in these situations and how to properly report any actions in violation of SafeSport code.

Please visit the course’s webpage if you wish to learn more about the training.

If you decide you want your athlete to do this sooner rather than later, please fill out a Junior Athlete Consent form and your athlete will be registered by our SafeSport team.

Thank you for being engaged in your athlete’s volleyball life!