SafeSport training can give your athlete valuable, real-world training to help them be more “aware,” both on and off the court. Moreover, there are requirements in place for 18-year-old athletes to take SafeSport training.

Athletes turning 18 during the season, whose teammates are minors, will be required to take “Core” Center for SafeSport Training upon turning 18. To prevent any disruption in playing eligibility, athletes turning 18 during the USAV season are given a membership that requires SafeSport parental consent and SafeSport Training completion to be eligible.

So, what is this “SafeSport training?” The U.S. Center for SafeSport Core training is important information for adults (or soon-to-be adults) to be aware of when participating in USA Volleyball (or any other sport) activities. The training covers a wide range of topics, including, emotional and physical conduct, sexual misconduct, bullying and hazing. The training provides different situations and issues that athletes are more likely to see and/or experience as they continue in the world of volleyball. Taking such training will prepare them for how to handle themselves in these situations and how to properly report any actions in violation of SafeSport code.

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