Who will Remember Your Name?

Fort Minor was right on track when he said,
“This is ten percent luck,
Twenty percent skill,
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will,
Five percent pleasure,
Fifty percent pain,
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name.”

While in his song, “Remember the Name,” he may have talking about the process of becoming a highly-skilled rapper, this is similar to what’s necessary to become a highly-skilled athlete. Being a great volleyball player requires much more than a powerful arm or pin-point passing, The path to the podium requires more mental mastery than physical mastery, it’s more about grit and determination than length and a strong serve. On this page you’ll find resources that will help you build the mental skills that will power you in volleyball, in life, and on the path to the podium.

Dealing with Nerves and Big Moments

Performing Under Pressure

U.S. Beach National Team athlete Jake Gibb teaches newer players how to handle pressure on and off the court. He recommends focusing intently on a particular object – he uses the ball – to push away nervous energy.

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"Be a Sponge"

Rachael Adams of the U.S. Women’s National Team shows how her mentality of “being a sponge” – soaking up information and knowledge from anyone and everyone – helped her become a professional volleyball player and play in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Stay in the Moment

“A volleyball match is like a book, and each play is a page in a chapter of that book. Turn the page after each play and stay in the moment.”

Craig Dyer

Assistant Coach, Creighton Univresity