USA Volleyball Education

Launching in late spring 2022, USA Volleyball’s new education program will improve coach and athlete development across the competitive spectrum from grassroots volleyball to the national team level. With this program, consisting of both digital and in-person learning opportunities, more coaches will have the opportunity to access and implement high-quality information and methods in the technical, tactical, physical and psychosocial aspects of the game. All methods will be scientifically and experientially informed.

USA Volleyball embarked on a year-long process to identify a new way to train coaches that is low-cost, convenient and fun. Most importantly, the new program will meet the needs of all our coaches.

“We’ve brought together best practices from a variety of organizations and companies to craft one of the most innovative and engaging coach education programs in the world,” says Dave McCann, USA Volleyball’s director of education services.

Launching in late spring 2022, the new USA Volleyball Education Program will offer online on-demand education models through the USAV Academy. The program will have a tiered monthly subscription model (bronze, silver, gold) offering a holistic curriculum centered around USA Volleyball’s Development Model. The subscription plan will allow users to take courses throughout the year without worrying about the USA Volleyball membership year. The program will renew automatically.

USAV will also later provide in-person coaching clinics.

Curriculum and Model
The  program will provide educational modules through the USAV Academ  based on the five pillars of USAV’s Development Model: Craft, Body, Mind, Heart, and Team. It is centered around providing professional development to coaches, and as such will be accessed through a clean email/password login in the USAV Academy.

The coursework for coaches will be separate from eligibility requirements, meaning content will not be accessed through SportsEngine – IMPACT remains in place, however.

Interaction and Engagement
The program will present content in an interactive and engaging structure, as well as providing tiered features such as discussion boards, forums and webinars that will allow coaches to communicate with each other and USAV Education staff. The goal is to be able to provide coaches with solutions to any problems they have and to stay relevant to the changing volleyball and social environment.

Tiers and Points
USA Volleyball Education will have three tiers, including a Bronze Tier free for USA Volleyball members. Members who choose the Silver or Gold Tiers will receive a substantial discount over nonmembers. With each course or module completed, coaches will earn points and badges, along with a certificate to mark their progress. New courses are unlocked with each level completed.

USA Volleyball’s Education Services team is collaborating directly with the RVAA Education Committee to determine the appropriate allotted points for all course completions, previous certifications, and more.

For more information on the program, reach out to Jordan Kelly at

This program will be launched in phases.

Current IMPACT requirements remain in place, and we recommend that IMPACT onDemand is used as the primary source for this program.

USA Volleyball member coaches will still be required to complete the following in order to participate in USAV events:

  • SafeSport certification
  • Background screen

Regions can impose additional requirements based on sport, role, stages and responsibilities of the member.

Although the CAP program will be discontinued with the new Education Program, all previous certifications, experience, and educational achievements (including CAP) will be recognized and be part of a new point, badge and leaderboard system. So, instead of just CAP I, II, and III, we will have unlimited levels, rewards and recognition pieces.

USA Volleyball’s Education Services department is working directly with the RVA Education Committee on this reward and recognition system to determine the appropriate allotted points for all course completions, previous certifications, and more.


The indoor IMPACT course is required for all USA Volleyball junior club coaches. IMPACT is the minimum level coach education requirement for USAV in order to coach a junior club. Currently, USA Volleyball’s national office does not require a renewal of this course, but the coach’s region or club may decide to require a renewal or have more stringent requirements.

IMPACT is available on-demand through USAV Academy, accessed through your SportsEngine account (instructions). IMPACT is free for USA Volleyball members; $100 for nonmembers. IMPACT does not include SafeSport, which is taken separately.

The course is approximately four hours and designed for you to stop and restart. A USAV IMPACT manual in e-book and PDF formats are included with your course registration.

Education FAQ