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USA Volleyball Coach Education

The mission of USA Volleyball Coach Education is to empower and inspire volleyball coaches at all levels through innovative, comprehensive and athlete-centered educational programs. Our goal is to cultivate a community of lifelong learners who continuously enhance their skills, knowledge and ability to positively impact athletes’ lives both on and off the court.

USA Volleyball member coaches are required to complete the following to participate in sanctioned events:

  • IMPACT (online or in person)
  • SafeSport Training
  • Background Check

These requirements can be met through the membership registration process in the USA Volleyball Member Management System (SportsEngine).

“Our goal is to continuously improve and innovate, learning from feedback, research and the evolving needs of our coaching community. We invite all coaches to join us on this journey of growth and development as we strive to set new standards in volleyball coach education.”

Jenny D. Johnson, Ph.D.

USA Volleyball Director of Education Services

Coach Eligibility Requirements for USA Volleyball Member Coaches


The indoor IMPACT course is required for all USA Volleyball junior club coaches. IMPACT is the minimum level coach education requirement for USAV in order to coach a junior club. Currently, USA Volleyball’s national office does not require a renewal of this course, but the coach’s region or club may decide to require a renewal or have more stringent requirements.

IMPACT is available on-demand through USAV Academy, accessed through your SportsEngine account (instructions). IMPACT is free for USA Volleyball members. IMPACT does not include SafeSport, which is taken separately.

The course is approximately four hours and designed for you to stop and restart. A USAV IMPACT manual in e-book and PDF formats are included with your course registration.

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SafeSport and Background Screens

SafeSport training must be completed prior to interacting with athletes. The content of this SafeSport training was developed and is maintained by the U.S. Center for SafeSport, which retains individual course completion records.

Note: SafeSport training is free for USA Volleyball members who take the training through their SportsEngine account. Completing this training through your account automatically updates your USAV member record.

Visit SafeSport Training for more.

All USA Volleyball member coaches must also pass a background screen.

Improve Your Skills and Unlock Your Team's Potential

USA Volleyball Coach Academy

The USA Volleyball Coach Academy is an online, interactive learning platform developed for volleyball coaches. It includes a curated content library where coaches can explore learning paths, courses and modules based on the USA Volleyball Development Model.

Get access to the tools, knowledge and resources you need to have a successful season and take your coaching skills to the next level, on and off the court. New modules and live sessions are announced monthly to bring you the best content from top volleyball coaches, experts and educators including U.S. National Team coaches.

Learn more

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Clinics and Workshops

A key part of any sport education program is the support of in-person clinics and workshops to supplement the online learning experience.

USA Volleyball Education will do this with two groups of USAV Education instructors: USAV National Faculty and Regional Instructors. National Faculty will train Regional Instructors and deliver in-person workshops and presentations on a variety of topics across the country at USA Volleyball events.

Each USA Volleyball region will manage its own Regional Instructors. They will deliver in-person workshops and presentations on a variety of topics within their region, and will be assigned to events and compensated by the region. The main function of the Regional Instructors will be to assist coaches in practicing the application of the content, providing feedback, encouraging discussion, evaluating the level of competency, and recommending areas of future improvement.

This approach allows the National Faculty to teach the Regional Instructors the “how” of facilitating teaching sessions and not the detailed “what.” This gives them the flexibility to deliver and facilitate numerous different modules and workshops, that can be customized to the needs of the organizations and participants. Detailed instructor guides for the various modules will be developed based on the content in the online modules to which they are related.

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