USA Volleyball Coach Education

USA Volleyball Coach Education is in a period of transition as we look to create significant changes to what and how we provide educational content and professional accreditation to coaches. We have been critically reviewing our approach to coach education including our curriculum, content and distribution methods. We have also embarked on a review of coach education programs offered by the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, U.S. National Governing Bodies and leading international federations across Olympic/Paralympic and professional sport. While the details of our next steps will be dependent on organizational capacity, our intent is to engage and support more coaches than ever with more, different and better resources in the near future.

IMPACT requirements remain in place, and we recommend that IMPACT onDemand is used as the primary source for this program. Regional onsite courses and IMPACT Equivalency courses may be continued.

Coaching Accreditation Program Clinics
All clinics have been canceled due to COVID-19. More information about future course is forthcoming.

Expired or Expiring USAV Coaching Accreditation Program Certification
There is currently a moratorium on CAP certification expirations. This means that any CAP-accredited coach who has received notice of an expired or expiring credential in 2020 will be maintained at their current level until notified. We will not require re-certification at this time.

Outstanding CAP Materials or Incomplete Progress Toward Certification
We have issued a moratorium for individuals who have already attended a CAP clinic and are still working toward completion of required course assignments. The timeline for course completion has been suspended until notified. If CAP certification is critical for employment or other time-sensitive reasons, we will work with candidates on a case-by-case basis to accept and review assignments. Individual coaches can email us at to discuss their situation with us directly.

What coaches are saying about CAP

“CAP isn’t about learning drills and technique. It’s about learning who you are as a coach and refining your coaching philosophy to meet the needs in your gym. Not only are the cadres amazing, so are the attendees who you get just as much from as the lead coaches.”

Brian Sharkey

CAP III, Badger Region

Coaching Accreditation Program


The indoor IMPACT course is required for all USA Volleyball junior club coaches and is the prerequisite for CAP Level I attendees. IMPACT is the minimum level coach education requirement for USAV in order to coach a junior club. Currently, USA Volleyball’s national office does not require a renewal of this course, but the coach’s region or club may decide to require a renewal or have more stringent requirements.

IMPACT is available on-demand through USAV Academy, accessed through your SportsEngine account (instructions). IMPACT is free for USA Volleyball members; $100 for nonmembers. IMPACT does not include SafeSport, which is taken separately.

The course is approximately four hours and designed for you to stop and restart. A USAV IMPACT manual in e-book and PDF formats are included with your course registration.


The USA Volleyball Coach Education program (CAP and BCAP) is in a period of transition as we look to create significant changes to what and how we provide educational content and professional accreditation to coaches. All clinics are currently canceled.

The Coaching Accreditation Program provides an opportunity for professional preparation and advancement for coaches. The curriculum addresses the essential topics for all coaching levels. There are three clinic leve ls for indoor (CAP I, II and III) and two for beach (BCAP I, II). IMPACT is the prerequisite.

More than 35,000 coaches have taken CAP clinics across the United States. For questions about your CAP status, see our FAQ below.

Education FAQ