COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (June 8, 2022) – The U.S. Beach National Team pair of Trevor Crabb/Tri Bourne has received a spot in the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships that start Friday, June 10 in Rome.

Crabb/Bourne were second on the reserve list behind a Brazilian pair when David Ahman/Jonatan Hellvig of Sweden withdrew from the tournament. Since a non-hosting country is allowed only four teams at the World Championships and Brazil already had four men’s teams in the tournament, the Brazilians couldn’t accept the berth. Crabb/Bourne, who are now the third U.S. men’s pair in the tournament, received it instead.

The American duo takes Ahman/Hellvig’s place in Pool K. They will face Italy’s Paolo Nicolai/Samuele Cottafava, Colombia’s Johan Murray/Sneider Rivas and Thailand’s Surin Jongklang/ Banlue Nakprakhong during the round robin.

Crabb/Bourne’s first match will be Saturday, June 11 against Surin/Banlue at 9 am Pacific.

The Beach Volleyball World Championships run June 10-19. Chaim Schalk/Theo Brunner, Taylor Crabb/Taylor Sander, Betsi Flint/Kelly Cheng, Sara Hughes/Kelley Kolinske, Emily Day/Emily Stockman and Terese Cannon/Sarah Sponcil will also compete in the tournament.