Boys giving hang loose sign at beach tournament

With six straight days of competitive beach volleyball, the USA National Beach Tour Junior Championship took to the sands of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., July 10-15, and did not disappoint.

The first three days featured the boys and girls 16U and 12U age groups (187 total teams). Through various weather delays, the finalists managed to see their brackets through to the end with the top four finishers below.

Boys 16U Open

  1. Keeter/Rosenthal
  2. Cortado/Strawbridge
  3. Girard/Blanchette
  4. Massey/Sheehan

Boys 12U Open

  1. Mowery/Lamb
  2. Houston/Scott
  3. Dicken/Hertzel
  4. Oliveira/Coppedge

Girls16U Open

  1. Martin/Perez
  2. McConekey/Hall
  3. Pater/Boulware
  4. Ranney/Galley

Girls 16U American

  1. Scherfenberg/Anisimova
  2. Teel/Rosenthal
  3. Talocka/Matias
  4. Peck/Moriarty

Girls 12U Open

  1. Treumann/Barker
  2. McCanna/Nguyen
  3. Scherfenberg/Wise
  4. Souza/Nikolaeva

Girls 12U American

  1. Wentzel/Shaevitz
  2. Jensen/Garcia
  3. Shotwell/Fessler
  4. Hake/Heisler

Girl playing Beach ParaVolley

Adaptive Beach Volleyball

The first two days of the championship also featured USA Volleyball’s s first-ever Adaptive Beach Volleyball Training Camp and Tournament. A select group of Beach ParaVolley athletes had the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills with the company of some household names from the U.S. Sitting National Teams, Paralympian Nicky Nieves, Maddy Ball and Paralympian Chris Seilkop.

Seilkop and Dave Newkirk were both winners at a 2019 World Series BeachParaVolley tour event, and they were joined by talented new athletes John Kriescher and Joe Arkesteyn.

Nieves and Ball filled out a strong women’s division that also included 2019 BPV World Series Tour event silver medalists Skye McDermott and Autum Reagan, and talented newcomers Berklee Andrews, Mariah Jenkins and Nelya Schasfoort.

Ball won the Best of Beach women’s division, followed by McDermott and Andrews. The top three men’s finishes were Newkirk, Seilkop and Kriescher. Coaches for this event were Carlos Galletti and Rose Washington.

For additional Info on how to become involved with our sitting teams, please reach out either:

  • Michelle Goodall – Beach Para Volley Program Administrator/Assistant Coach WSNT
  • Elliot Blake – Manager, Sitting Volleyball Teams and National Teams

Day Three

The final three days featured boys and girls 14U and 18U age groups, tallying a total of 236 teams.

Boys 18U Open

  1. Keeter/Barnes
  2. Colebaugh/Blanchette
  3. Hurst/Arnold
  4. Peluso/Connelly

Boys 14U Open

  1. Thornton/Rosenthal
  2. Harvick/Phung
  3. Arnold/Whitehead
  4. Massey/Martin

Girls 18U Open

  1. Truslow/Bradley
  2. Teal/Morris
  3. Martin/Carpenter
  4. Haas/Massey

Girls 18U American

  1. Thex/Aniol
  2. Sauers/Wilson
  3. O’Mara/Polychrones
  4. Hoang/Barrett

Girls 14U Open

  1. Le Blanc/Hixson
  2. Sanchez/Matias
  3. Spittal/McGuirk
  4. McCanna/Nguyen

Girls 14U American

  • Nelson/Drumwright
  • Moss/Loyd
  • Thibodaux/Cassidy
  • Powell/Young

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