Cheng/Hughes Win World Tour Finals in Doha

Kelly Cheng and Sara Hughes got into the Volleyball World Beach Pro Tour Finals on a wild card, but ended up winning the trophy and a $150,000 prize.

Beach Update: Two U.S. Teams in World Tour Final

The U.S. teams of Kristen Nuss/Taryn Kloth and Kelly Cheng/Sara Hughes are competing this week in the World Tour Finals in Doha, Qatar.

Notes from the U.S. and Netherlands

I spent Memorial Day flying back from Amsterdam, 24 hours in en route, leaving a place where the Dutch Underground were battling in World War II three-quarters of a century before me.

Sun Safety

With the summer sunshine out in full force, it’s important to take care of your skin while enjoying the warm weather. Here are tips about sunblock, how to pick the right block for you, and other ways to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Power Shots II: How to Shoot a Volleyball Match

Ever been tasked with photographing a volleyball match and not really know where to start? Here’s some basic tips to help you get great action shots from your next game.

Officials Hand Signals for Beach

A guide to officials hand signals on the beach.

What Makes Volleyball Special?

USA Volleyball Hall of Famers tell why volleyball is special to them

Be a Better Spectator

Keep Positive support, encouragement, cheerleading and general hollering and yelling to a maximum on the sidelines.

Officials Hand Signals for Indoor

A guide to officials hand signals for the indoor game

Beach Volleyball Basics

Beach volleyball is a great game that can help you accomplish your goals of becoming a top athlete. The doubles game can also be played on the grass, using the same portable net systems and rules.