An exceptional development experience

One of the key principles in athlete development and the National Team Development Program is having the best athletes train with and against the best. The NTDP National Training Series will host national programs four times each year that will invite the top 25-30 athletes per birth year to train together. USA Volleyball region zones, used for the Training Series and Scouting Network, are below.

Participation in the NTDP Training Series will provide evaluation, feedback and individual development plans (IDP) that will be accompanied by online learning experiences to help support athletes in a healthy and holistic way. The NTDP Training Series will be age-appropriate and aligned with the expectations of our senior national team coaching and performance staff.

Age Groups

U21Born in 2003U21Born in 2003
U20Born in 2004U20Born in 2004
U19Born in 2005U19Born in 2005
U18Born in 2006U18Born in 2006
U17Born in 2007U17Born in 2007
U16Born in 2008U16Born in 2008
U15Born in 2009

Learn what to expect from the quarterly training series

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Indoor NTDP Winter Training Series