The National Team Development Program Accelerators will provide opportunities for clubs and regional high performance programs to nominate promising players to receive an invitation to local best vs. best training sessions. These sessions will be organized by USA Volleyball and run in a manner similar to competitive sessions within the NTDP Training Series. Accelerators give opportunities for “next level” athletes to play with and be challenged against the best athletes in a more localized setting.

After an initial roll-out in 2021, Accelerators will be held monthly in ways that do not interfere with athletes’ club or school programs. 

The age definitions below have been defined with reference to growth and maturational data and study that drives USA Volleyball age-eligibility and selection processes.

Age Groups

U23Born in 1999U23Born in 1999
U21Born in 2001U21Born in 2001
U20Born in 2002U20Born in 2002
U19Born in 2003U19Born in 2003
U18Born in 2004U18Born in 2004
U17Born in 2005U17Born in 2005
U16Born in 2006U16Born in 2006
U15Born in 2007