A key part of any sport education program is the support of in-person clinics and workshops to supplement the online learning experience.

One outlet for in-person learning offered by USA Volleyball Education is are Coach Observation Sessions. The other is through National Faculty and Regional Instructors.

National Faculty will train Regional Instructors and deliver in-person workshops and presentations on a variety of topics across the country at USA Volleyball events.

Each USA Volleyball region will manage its own Regional Instructors who will deliver in-person workshops and presentations on a variety of topics within their region. These instructors will be assigned to events and compensated by the region. Regional Instructors will assist coaches in practicing the application of the content, providing feedback, encouraging discussion, evaluating the level of competency, and recommending areas of future improvement.

This approach allows the National Faculty to teach the Regional Instructors the “how” of facilitating teaching sessions and not the detailed “what.” It gives them the flexibility to deliver and facilitate numerous different modules and workshops that can be customized to the needs of the organizations and participants. Detailed instructor guides for the various modules will be developed based on the content in the online modules to which they are related.

More information and event schedules will be available soon.

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