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Drills and Competition Ideas

Thank you for giving back to our sport by coaching, whether you have played the game or not. Volleyball is the ultimate team sport, and both coaching and playing will fill the rest of your life with joy.

Whether you are a new or veteran coach, you don’t have to go it alone. Our resources will help you keep learning and keep your athletes engaged.

Volley on!

The Best Learning Environment Possible

“I ask you to critically think about any drill you see. Consider this question: Does the drill use the environment my players are going to compete and read and anticipate in?”

John Kessel

Longtime coach and retired USAV director of sport development

Drills and Competition Ideas

Indoor Drills

These drills were submitted by coaches across the country.

Beach Drills

These drills were submitted by coaches across the country.

Growing the Game

John Kessel’s Growing the Game blog is one of the greatest tools for new and veteran coaches. You can search for Growing the Game in Related Resources below for more recent blogs. Previous blogs are captured in PDF format in four volumes.

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Minivolley Book

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Featured Video

Spotlight on Skills

Learn how to direct the X-box competition for beach players, and then adapt it for indoor play. This Spotlight on Skills video was created originally for Your Court, the official magazine of USA Volleyball.

Steve Kish's CAP II Favorite Drill

Spotlight on Skills: Steve Kish’s CAP II Favorite Drill

Countdown Drill

Spotlight on Skills: USA Volleyball Countdown Drill


Spotlight on Skills: Speedball