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National Team Development Program Accelerators offer clubs and regional  high-performance programs the opportunity to nominate promising athletes to receive an invitation to local best vs. best training sessions. These sessions are organized by USA Volleyball NTDP and are conducted in a competitive manner, similar to those in the NTDP Training Series. Accelerators provide platform for “next level” athletes to play with and challenge themselves against the best athletes in a more regionalized setting.

USA Volleyball’s NTDP works directly with the 40 Regional Volleyball Associations to determine the dates and location for Accelerators. Once the details have been finalized, nomination forms are distributed to clubs and region leaders to nominate their top performers for each age group. Athletes are then invited to the program based on nominations and availability. If you are a club director and are interested in hosting an Accelerator in your region, kindly reach out to your region commissioner and express your interest.

The age definitions have been defined with reference to growth and maturational data and studies that guide USA Volleyball’s age-eligibility and selection processes.

2024 Accelerators

May 3
Gulf Shores Accelerator
Gulf Shores, Ala.

Sept. 13
Chesapeake Accelerator
Owings Mills, Md.