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Putting the Experts Where the Players Are

USA Volleyball’s National Team Development Program (NTDP) has established a network of 45 of the top volleyball coaches and experts across different regions in the country to identify talent for NTDP programs. The primary objective of the NTDP Scouting Network is to identify young talented athletes who demonstrate exceptional performance and potential to be selected for NTDP programs.

The Beach NTDP Scouting Network consists of 45 scouts (20 for men’s and 25 for women’s). Scouts on the women’s beach side are collegiate coaches coaching at the top beach collegiate programs in the nation. While on the road recruiting, scouts are recruiting for both their collegiate programs as well as Beach NTDP. On the men’s side, scouts are a combination of Olympians, men’s indoor collegiate coaches, men’s beach collegiate coaches and some renowned club coaches. Some of the men’s beach scouts include Olympians Jake Gibb and Phil Dalhausser, and collegiate coaches Dan Friend (Lewis University) and Hudson Bates (Ohio State University). A full list of scouts is available at the bottom of this page.

The NTDP Scouting Network continually identifies athletes at various events, through video, and more. Each scout has a national scope with no limit on which events they attend, allowing athletes from any location and organization to be eligible and identified. To assist scouts in the talent identification process, beach athletes should update their VolleyballLife profiles to include their name, headshot, height and contact information.

What Scouts Are Saying...

“I love being a part of the NTDP Scouting Network because I want to see men’s beach volleyball grow. Helping cultivate the next generation of USA athletes is beyond an honor for me.”

Jake Gibb, Olympian

Men's Beach Scout

What Scouts Are Saying...

“I’m thrilled to help Beach NTDP alongside some of the best coaches in the world. I’m excited for us to cast a wide net into communities all over America to help young athletes achieve their dreams of wearing a USA uniform. Great beach volleyball players can be found in every corner of this country and it’s going to be an enjoyable challenge to identify them.”

Andrew Fuller, Stanford University head coach

Women's Beach Scout

What Scouts Are Saying...

“I am inspired to be a part of this groundswell change to help develop the USA Beach Volleyball pipeline. As a longtime coach and tryout leader on the Girls HP side, I am particularly excited to expand into a dual-gender scout role to help grow the boys beach game and help bring some of our uniquely talented Hawaii boys into the great tradition of excellence that so many before them have walked for Team USA.”

Evan Silberstein, Hawaii Beach Volleyball Head Coach

Men's and Women's Beach Scout

USA Volleyball Zonal Map

NTDP Zones

Beach Scouts

Boys Beach

Hudson Bates (Atlantic, North Atlantic, Ohio Valley Region)
Marri Crockett-Moulton (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Florida Region)
Nicole Christner (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Southern Region)
Phil Dalhausser (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Florida Region)
Jeremy Edge (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Florida Region)
Pri Piantadosi-Lima (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Florida Region)
Ashley Ivy Swift (Border, East Border, Lone Star Region)
Dan Friend (Central, East Central, Great Lakes Region)
Tim Maruyama (Central, East Central, Great Lakes Region)
William Robbins (Central, East Central, Hoosier Region)
Evan Silberstein (Pacific, South Pacific, Aloha Region)
Patty Dodd (Pacific, West Border, SCVA Region)
Mark Fishman (Pacific, West Border, SCVA Region)
Danko Iordanov (Pacific, West Border, SCVA Region)
Mark Paaluhi (Pacific, West Border, SCVA Region)
Jake Gibb (Pacific, West Border, SCVA Region)

Girls Beach

David Fischer (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Carolina Region)
Kristina Hernandez (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Florida Region)
Brooke Niles (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Florida Region)
Pri Piantadosi-Lima (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Florida Region)
Steve Loeswick (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Palmetto Region)
Terri Del Conte (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Southern Region)
Shawn Taylor (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Southern Region)
Beth Van-Fleet (Atlantic, South Atlantic, Southern Region)
Russell Brock (Border, East Border, Bayou Region)
Eyal Zimet (Border, East Border, Bayou Region)
Hector Gutierrez (Border, East Border, North Texas Region)
Kristen Rohr (Border, West Border, Arizona Region)
Jaylen Reyes (Central, West Central, Great Plains Region)
Derek Olson (Pacific, North Pacific, Puget Sound Region)
Evan Silberstein (Pacific, South Pacific, Aloha Region)
Jeff Alzina (Pacific, South Pacific, NCVA Region)
Andrew Fuller (Pacific, South Pacific, NCVA Region)
Meagan Owusu (Pacific, South Pacific, NCVA Region)
Todd Rogers (Pacific, South Pacific, NCVA Region)
Tyler Hildebrand (Pacific, West Border, SCVA Region)
John Mayer (Pacific, West Border, SCVA Region)
Stein Metzger (Pacific, West Border, SCVA Region)
Gustavo Rocha (Pacific, West Border, SCVA Region)

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Beach NTDP Events

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