NTDP Winter Training Series

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (Dec. 9, 2022) – More than 260 indoor athletes and more than 120 beach athletes are set to learn at the USA Volleyball National Team Development Program’s (NTDP) Winter Training Series on Dec. 27-30 in Southern California.

The Beach NTDP will host its Winter Training Series on Dec. 27-29 in Manhattan Beach, Calif. The series will include two training sessions each day.

The Indoor NTDP will hold its Winter Training Series on Dec. 27-30 at the National Team Center in Anaheim, Calif. Again, there will be two training sessions a day.

A select group of athletes participate in the Hybrid Winter Training Series Program. These athletes will cross-train at both beach (Dec. 27-28) and indoor (Dec. 29-30) sessions.

More than 30 USA Volleyball regions are represented on the rosters: Aloha, Arizona, Badger, Carolina, Chesapeake, Carolina, Columbia Empire, Delta, Evergreen, Excelsior Empire, Florida, Garden Empire, Gateway, Great Lakes, Great Plains, Heart of America, Hoosier, Intermountain, Keystone, Lake Shore, Lone Star, New England, North Country, Northern California, North Texas, Ohio Valley, Oklahoma, Old Dominion, Pioneer, Puget Sound, Rocky Mountain, Southern and Southern California.

Training Series give junior athletes the chance to practice with and play against some of the best competition in the United States while receiving guidance from top coaches.

Athletes are identified and invited based on recommendations from the NTDP Scouting Network. The NTDP Scouting Network serves as the NTDP talent identification process and includes coaches and experts from across the United States.

All training series are conducted by top NTDP coaches throughout the country and feature a comprehensive focus on the five pillars of the NTDP: Craft, Mind, Body, Heart and Team. Athletes will receive evaluation, feedback, and individual development plans accompanied by online learning experiences to help support them in a healthy and holistic way.

The mission of the National Team Development Program (NTDP) is to identify, recruit and accelerate the development of high-potential junior volleyball players for the purpose of achieving sustained international competitive excellence.

For more information on the NTDP, please visit the FAQ page.